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Reserve of currencies

Qiwi KZTQiwi KZT

Qiwi RUBQiwi RUB

Velespay EURVelespay EUR

Velespay RUBVelespay RUB

Velespay UAHVelespay UAH

Velespay USDVelespay USD

Visa/MasterCard EURVisa/MasterCard EUR

Visa/MasterCard UAHVisa/MasterCard UAH

Visa/MasterCard USDVisa/MasterCard USD

Any Bank
 EURAny Bank EUR

 UAHMonobank UAH

 RUB - Moscow
Cash RUB - Moscow

Ощадбанк UAHОщадбанк UAH

Privat Bank
 UAHPrivat Bank UAH

 UAHRaiffeisen UAH

14 109 ₸

1 p.

16 695 €

250 000 p.

546 493 ₴

4 134 $

2 820 €

185 454 ₴

1 357 $

6 500 €

185 454 ₴

1 850 p.

185 454 ₴

185 454 ₴

185 454 ₴

Exchange ЮМани RUB on Visa/MasterCard RUB

Attention Required Reading .!
In this direction the exchange of applications run on the expiration of 2 business days .
If you refuse an exchange, a refund will be made no earlier than 2 working days from the date of creation of the demand. Also with the refund will be charged a fee estimated to Service .
Данное ограничение создано в связи с участившимися попытками мошенничества и рекомендовано системой ЮМани
Saturday and Sunday are non-working days, please before you make a translation note of this .

Demand will be processed: 22.01.2021 05:44

Give ЮМани RUB Enter the amount The minimum amount is 1000 RUB The maximum amount is 50000 RUB
Give With commission system ЮМани
from the wallet Payment throug merchant ЮМани
The cell is empty Wrong format wallet

Reserve = 0.96 RUB, Visa/MasterCard.
If the sum which you receive more than our reserve, a transfer will be make when we have a necessary quantity of financial means.

Get RUB, Visa/MasterCard
number of the card: only Russian cards
The cell is empty Wrong card format

Fill in the debit card number correctly. No refunds are possible.

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