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Офис in Moscow до 13 ноября не работает.

Reserve of currencies

Qiwi RUBQiwi RUB

VelesPay EURVelesPay EUR

VelesPay RUBVelesPay RUB

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Visa/MCard UAHVisa/MCard UAH


Any Bank
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Any Bank
 USDAny Bank USD

 EUR - Moscow
Cash EUR - Moscow

 EUR - Simf.
Cash EUR - Simf.

 RUB - Moscow
Cash RUB - Moscow

 RUB - Simf.
Cash RUB - Simf.

 USD - Moscow
Cash USD - Moscow

 USD - Simf.
Cash USD - Simf.

 RUBOpening RUB

 RUBPromsvyazbank RUB


Rus. Standard
 RUBRus. Standard RUB

 RUBSberbank RUB

Tinkoff Bank
 RUBTinkoff Bank RUB

 RUBYandex.Money RUB

215 304 p.

5 016 €

371 769 p.

101 173 ₴

502 $

103 425 ₴

125 000 p.

1 000 €

0 $

0 €

0 €

0 p.

500 000 p.

20 000 $

7 503 $

66 597 p.

0 p.

85 182 p.

39 442 р.

5 731 p.

223 530 p.

85 353 p.

Exchange Yandex.Money RUB on Visa/MasterCard UAH

Attention Required Reading .!
In this direction the exchange of applications run on the expiration of 2 business days .
If you refuse an exchange, a refund will be made no earlier than 2 working days from the date of creation of the demand. Also with the refund will be charged a fee estimated to Service .
This limitation was created in response to increasing attempts at fraud and recommended system Yandex.Money
Saturday and Sunday are non-working days, please before you make a translation note of this .

Demand will be processed: 24.05.2019 10:13

Give Yandex.Money RUB Enter the amount The minimum amount is 500 ЯД RUB The maximum amount is 50000 ЯД RUB
Give With commission system Yandex.Money
from the wallet Payment throug merchant Yandex.Money
The cell is empty Wrong format wallet

Reserve = 103425 UAH, Visa/MasterCard.
If the sum which you receive more than our reserve, a transfer will be make when we have a necessary quantity of financial means.

Get UAH, Visa/MasterCard
number of the card:
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Fill in the debit card number correctly. No refunds are possible.

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