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Remittances to China
Офис in Moscow до 11 августа работает с 14:00 до 18:00.
Заявки с Банками, BTC, BTC-e обрабатываются по мере возможности, остальные операции в автоматическом режиме.
An office was opened in Simferopol.

Reserve of currencies

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 RUBVanguard RUB

Alfa Bank
 RUBAlfa Bank RUB

Opening Bank
 RUBOpening Bank RUB

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 EUR - Moscow
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 EUR - Simf.
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130 150 p.

1 275 900 p.

26 033 $

9 377 $

53 073 p.

51 590 p.

556 р.

11 425 p.

Remittances to China

Question about how to send money to China, is of concern to many. It buyers wishing to buy goods without middlemen, and companies for which the transfer of money suppliers can be a serious headache .
Actually payment for parcels from China and large remittances to China – that is possible, to use professional help .
If you require payment in China, please contact the company "Union Financial Services Ltd.", and we will help fast, easy and convenient to carry out this operation .

The office is situated in Moscow .

The minimum amount to transfer 100 000 RUB or 1500$.
If you change: Comission
Cash RUB
Cash USD
Cash EUR
Sberbank RUB
Alfa Bank RUB
Тинькофф RUB
Any Bank in China CNY
UnionPay CNY
Alipay CNY
WeChat CNY
ask course by operator .

In order to make a transfer to China, You need to come to our office .

The agent's address in Moscow:
метро Марксистская – Таганская, улица Марксистская, дом 3, строение 3, подъезд 1, второй этаж, слева. Бизнес-центр Таганский.
Phone: +7 (495) 133-65-64
Phone: +7 (916) 297-01-46
Business hours:
Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00
Sat-Sun: weekend