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Reserve of currencies

Halyk Bank KZTHalyk Bank KZT

Kaspi Bank KZTKaspi Bank KZT

Qiwi KZTQiwi KZT

Velespay EURVelespay EUR

Velespay RUBVelespay RUB

Velespay UAHVelespay UAH

Velespay USDVelespay USD

Visa/MasterCard KZTVisa/MasterCard KZT

Visa/MasterCard UAHVisa/MasterCard UAH

 UAHMonobank UAH

 RUB - Moscow
Cash RUB - Moscow

 USD - Moscow
Cash USD - Moscow

Ощадбанк UAHОщадбанк UAH

Privat Bank
 UAHPrivat Bank UAH

 UAHRaiffeisen UAH

407 760 ₸

407 760 ₸

407 760 ₸

11 224 €

250 000 p.

408 351 ₴

20 000 $

407 760 ₸

395 ₴

395 ₴

550 p.

9 708 $

395 ₴

395 ₴

395 ₴

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